Pool Renovation - Enhancing Your Swimming Pool Experience

Jan 3, 2024


Welcome to PoolRenovation.com, your ultimate destination for all your swimming pool renovation needs. We specialize in pool plastering, water heater installation/repair, and much more. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality services and ensuring your swimming pool becomes a stunning oasis in your backyard.

Why Choose Pool Renovation?

When it comes to renovating your swimming pool, you want a company that understands your vision and has the expertise to bring it to life. PoolRenovation.com is your perfect partner for the following reasons:

  • Years of Experience: With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have perfected the art of pool renovation and consistently exceeded our customers' expectations.
  • Expert Pool Plastering Contractors: Our team of highly skilled pool plastering contractors ensures a smooth and durable surface for your pool. From repairing cracks to completely transforming your pool's appearance, our professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.
  • Water Heater Installation/Repair: In addition to pool plastering, we also provide reliable water heater installation and repair services. Whether you need a new water heater installed or your existing one needs maintenance, our technicians are here to assist you.
  • Quality and Durability: We believe in using the highest quality materials and industry-leading techniques to ensure long-lasting results. Your satisfaction and the durability of your pool are our top priorities.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: At PoolRenovation.com, we value our customers and strive to provide the best experience from start to finish. Our friendly team is always ready to answer your questions and guide you through the entire renovation process.

Our Pool Renovation Services

Swimming Pool Plastering

At PoolRenovation.com, we specialize in pool plastering services that enhance both the appearance and functionality of your swimming pool. Our skilled pool plastering contractors meticulously prepare the surface and apply the plaster with precision, creating a smooth and elegant finish. Whether you prefer a classic white plaster or want to explore other contemporary options, we offer a wide range of finishes to suit your style and budget.

Water Heater Installation/Repair

In addition to our pool renovation expertise, we also provide efficient water heater installation and repair services. A properly functioning water heater is essential for maintaining comfortable swimming temperatures year-round. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the latest water heater technologies and can assist you in choosing the right solution for your pool. From installation to routine maintenance and repairs, we ensure that your water heater operates flawlessly.

Pool Tile and Coping

Upgrade the look of your swimming pool with our pool tile and coping services. We offer an extensive selection of tiles, coping stones, and pavers to complement your pool's design. Our skilled craftsmen will meticulously install the chosen materials, adding a touch of elegance and enhancing the overall appeal of your pool area.

Deck Resurfacing

If your pool deck has seen better days, our deck resurfacing service can revive its appearance and functionality. From cracks and stains to outdated designs, our experts will transform your deck into a stunning space where you can relax and entertain. Choose from various materials and finishes to create a customized deck that suits your style preferences.

Pool Lighting

Add a captivating ambiance to your pool area with our state-of-the-art pool lighting solutions. Our team can install energy-efficient LED lights that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool but also provide optimal visibility during nighttime swimming sessions. With a wide range of lighting effects and color options, you can create a captivating atmosphere that matches your mood and occasion.


When it comes to pool renovation, PoolRenovation.com stands out as the industry leader. With our experienced pool plastering contractors, water heater installation/repair services, and comprehensive range of solutions, we are committed to enhancing your swimming pool experience. Explore our website to discover the endless possibilities and transform your pool into a breathtaking oasis. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us show you why we are the preferred choice for pool renovation projects.