The Problems with Core Values—And How to Fix Them

Mar 27, 2021

Welcome to TNECDA- Creative Design Agency, where we dive deep into the world of core values and their significance in any successful organization. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the common problems associated with core values, and more importantly, how to effectively address and overcome them.

Understanding Core Values

Core values are the guiding principles and beliefs that shape the culture and behavior of an organization. They define the organization's identity, purpose, and provide a framework for decision-making. However, despite their importance, many organizations struggle to establish and maintain effective core values.

The Challenges with Core Values

1. Lack of Alignment

One of the primary challenges organizations face with core values is the lack of alignment between the values stated and the actual behavior exhibited by leaders and employees. This misalignment leads to a sense of disconnect among team members and erodes trust.

In order to overcome this challenge, organizations must ensure that their core values are not just words on paper but are genuinely embraced and reflected in every aspect of the organization's operations. This requires a commitment from all levels of the organization to live and breathe the core values daily.

2. Vague and Generic Values

Another problem that organizations encounter is the use of vague and generic core values. When core values lack specificity and uniqueness, they fail to differentiate the organization from its competitors. It becomes challenging to rally employees around these values and create a distinct organizational identity.

To combat this issue, organizations must craft core values that are specific, meaningful, and resonate with both employees and customers. These values should reflect the organization's vision, mission, and unique attributes.

3. Inconsistent Communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in ensuring the success of core values within an organization. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to consistently communicate and reinforce their core values, resulting in confusion and disengagement.

To address this challenge, organizations should develop a robust communication strategy that ensures regular and consistent messaging about core values. This can include newsletters, internal communications, team meetings, and even physical reminders in the workplace.

Strategies to Fix Core Value Problems

1. Lead by Example

Leadership is pivotal in establishing and maintaining core values within an organization. Leaders must lead by example and embody the core values in their actions and decisions. When leaders consistently demonstrate their commitment to the core values, it creates a ripple effect throughout the organization. Employees are more likely to embrace and live the values when they witness their leaders doing the same.

2. Involve Employees in the Process

When employees are actively involved in the creation and refinement of core values, they feel a sense of ownership and connection. This involvement fosters buy-in and commitment to the values. Organizations should encourage employee input through surveys, focus groups, and open discussions to ensure the core values truly represent the collective beliefs of the organization.

3. Integrate Core Values in Performance Management

Organizations can reinforce the importance of core values by integrating them into performance management processes. By aligning performance reviews, goal setting, and recognition programs with the core values, organizations create a clear link between values and individual contributions. This integration incentivizes employees to embrace and embody the core values in their daily work.


The significance of core values cannot be overstated when it comes to shaping the culture and success of an organization. By recognizing and addressing the common problems associated with core values, organizations can create a strong and aligned workforce that is committed to the shared purpose and values of the organization.

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